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Meet Our Team

Dedicated to Health & Wellness



Jen and Paul Maratos

Paul and Jenny Maratos are the  proud owners of Hydrafuse Mobile IV Infusion. Their venture is a showcase of their dedication to health and wellness. Through Hydrafuse, they provide essential mobile IV infusion services, ensuring that individuals can access vital hydration and nutrients conveniently. 


In IV hydration and nursing care, Paul, co-owner of Hydrafuse Mobile IV Infusion, is a standout figure known for his dedication to enhancing the health of his clients. His extensive background as a Registered Nurse(RN), Director of Nursing, Personal Trainer, and prior gym owner, has uniquely positioned him to provide comprehensive and personalized care.


However, Paul's passion for health and well-being extended beyond traditional healthcare. Becoming a Personal Trainer, he combined medical knowledge with fitness know-how. This fusion of skills led him to recognize the importance of holistic wellness, addressing physical fitness, mental clarity, and optimal hydration.


The culmination of his diverse experiences led Paul to co-found Hydrafuse Mobile IV Infusion. Here, he has crafted a range of services that reflect his commitment to individualized care. From tailored IV hydration therapies to wellness consultations, Paul ensures that each client's unique needs are met.

At its core, Paul's mission is to empower individuals to take ownership of their health and wellness journey.


In the realm of health and wellness, experience and knowledge are the keys to success, and Jenny, co-owner of Hydrafuse Mobile IV Infusion embodies both.


Starting out as a gymnast in her childhood, and onto Personal Training as an adult , Jenny‘s love of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle started at a very young age. Jenny understands the profound impact of hydration and well-being. Her ability to stay updated on the latest health trends ensures that Hydrafuse offers cutting-edge IV hydration therapies.


Jenny’s experience touches every aspect of the business. Her mission is clear: empowering clients to lead healthier lives.


In a world of fleeting health trends, Jenny’s commitment to health and wellness remains unwavering.


This power couple’s journey is a testament to their commitment to family, health, and career success.

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